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The LTC2400 communicates through a flexible 3-wire digital interface which is compatible with SPI and MICROWIRE.You can use any old instrumentation amplifier available locally, or build your own.

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At this point you should download the data sheet, as we refer to it through the course of the article.Learn how to use the versatile 74HC4067 16-channel analog multiplexer demultiplexer in this tutorial, which also includes Arduino examples.

Or instead, you can skip the whole amplification stage, and simply measure with a High-resolution ADC, which you then interface with your Arduino.

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Be sure to measure voltages with a DMM at various points along the stages the signal goes through to ensure that the signals are within the safe region.I am confused and where I live there are none of those parts, so I need some assured part list to buy over internet and wait then arrive by mail.

ASAP Parts Online is the leading distributor of Linear Technology parts.Buy LINEAR TECHNOLOGY DC573A online at Newark element14. The LTC2400 combines exemplary DC accuracy with an easy to use SPI.

I have measured a strain guage using the Linear Tech LTC2400 series 24bit. out of the price bracket i. an article about measuring weight using an old.Compare ltc2400 price and availability by authorized and independent electronic component distributors.International prices may differ due to local duties, taxes, fees and exchange rates.User powers the INA125 with 5V from the arduino and then utilizes the Vref5 which is 5V.So, once you measure the output signal voltage of the load cell, you can use the above specs and easily infer your load measurement in kg.The schematic is basic, and what else you need to add will depend on which instrumentation amplifier you choose.Prototyping Arduino Shields with Surface Mount Technology. page describing how to interface the 24-bit LTC2400.My design will also power the unit from a battery, to avoid grounding issues and provide a clean supply to begin with.

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So why not use the same idea to mount a simple shield up there and control things with your tongue when your hands are busy.Select Part Numbers and Quantities. For complete documentation, view the LTC2400 page.Depending on the load cell, either it will be an open when not loaded, or some fixed resistance.

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Tags: 4067, 74HC4067, arduino, demultiplexing, multiplexing, part, review, tronixstuff, tutorial.Your circuit is correct for one strain gage, but not for a load cell.I want to connect it to the arduino to measure, for example, 3Kg, but the signal is too low for the Analog in.Control your Arduino over the Internet using Blynk - September 20, 2015.For example: I want to connect the Load Cell to 12V and then mV signal to the AD8421 and the output goes do Analog 1 of Arduino.

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For example, to select pin 9 (9 in binary is 1001) you set the IC pins S0 and S3 to HIGH, and S1 and S2 to LOW.Where possible these results are obtained from authorized distributors in real time.LTC2400 24bit analog to digital converter ADC module temp sensor SPI AVR arduino.

Linear T echnology Chr onicle. price makes 16-bit performance affordable.

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Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled.I have an LTC2440 (that's the part I have to use...MAX31855 Arduino K Thermocouple Sensor: Manual and Tutorial. Contents. there are few devices that match a thermocouple in terms of price and performance.If you interested in the general use of the 24 bit LTC2400 and. with a street price of. in my work with seismology and the 24 bit.

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It can measure up to 17V with 1 microvolt resolution while taking seven samples per second.However the datasheet states that in order to use the Vref5 or any of the other Vrefs, you have to be 1.25V above said Vref (ie.

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Buffering a Digital Microcontroller Signal for Connecting to an Optocoupler.Browse other questions tagged arduino sensor or ask your own question.

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