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The pin member and box member of a second pipe section are then threaded or screwed (helically rotated) together up to a minimum of an empirically predetermined torque range.Although these two torque operations require different torque values, the triangle marks remain identical because the needed threaded axial engagement remains the same.

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Contact us for more information regarding OCTG casing and tubing products: Toll Free: 877-780-7560 Phone:.The type of lubricant, coupling plating type, magnitude of internal pressure applied, and the length of the thread helix all affect the ability of the buttress connection to seal in gas applications.Field of the Invention This invention relates to the field of tubular connections and methods for connecting tubular members, particularly for oilfield connections of threaded buttress pin and box members. 2. Background Description Pipe sections used in oil fields (for example long sections of well casing) usually have a tapered, exteriorly-threaded male end called a pin member.The reverse angle torque shoulder provides a positive torque stop, which allows for accurate power tight make-up and minimizes hoop stresses in the connection.By creating a positive shouldered makeup identical to a premium connection, API certified pipe can be run, rotated,.

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PERFORMANCE PROPERTIES Requirements for Leak Resistance of API.

This plant is one of the few in the industry with hot sizing.

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When in the hand tight engagement, the threads have been interengaged to a point where they are in intimate contact but without deformation, preferably reached between 25 to 50 foot pounds.All seal-rings were carefully installed just prior to makeup.It is to be understood that the joint can be used with a coupling, collar or conventional box member as illustrated in the FIGURE.Oil and Gas Industry threaded connections makeup procedures and standa Oil and Gas Industry threaded connections makeup procedures and standa EngrKD (Petroleum).

This extra torque capability is provided by the torque shoulder.Make Up Torque LTC Trpon Pipe - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.Connection designed with refined API BTC Threads and will make up with off-the-shelf API BTC threaded accessories. High Torque resistance.Addendum 1 to Specification for Threading and Gauging of Rotary Shouldered Thread Connections. seal face has to handle the misapplication of make-up torque,.Cause analysis of Casing thread damage. with a different sealing method in comparison with conventional BTC.The test results from tin plated couplings lubricated with API modified thread lubricant revealed that this makeup condition will not reliably seal gas internal pressure for this size, weight, and grade combination.


This lot of Surplus Casing and Tubulars is considered surplus by the oil company and must be sold to recover funds and inventory space. (BTC) Box X Pin,72PPF,N80.Buttress Thread Casing, Wholesale Various High Quality Buttress Thread Casing Products from Global Buttress Thread Casing Suppliers and Buttress Thread Casing Factory.Several types of methods have been used to monitor and control make-up of oilfield tubular connections.Recommended Make-Up Torque, API Tolerances, TFA Chart. Related searches for btc api thread chart Specification for Threading,.

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Angles and areas of the stab flanks and torque shoulders are optimized.All of these specimens successfully completed the testing program.Three test specimens were assembled, with makeup to the base of the triangle stamp, and submitted to testing.

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However, The case is if we have to make up two different casing with BTC.The couplings were purchased according to SR-13 of API Spec 5CT.This predetermined position window is the same for all pin members of a similar size, grade, weight and thread type (or form) and therefore the marks can be applied with a simple template prior to the make-up of the joint.This improved connection includes a first pipe section having a standard API triangle mark at a predetermined position on its exterior surface for the proper axial engagement of the pin member with the coupling or box member.

In the petroleum drilling and producing, the product is widely used in a variety of complex terrain due to.SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION A method of coupling API buttress connections in such a way as to provide high sealability in high pressure gas applications is disclosed.

The products are deemed identical in performance by the manufacturer, except that the mill-end requires about twice the torque to break-out than the field-end product.

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There is great economic incentive to improve the sealability performance of API buttress connections.In machinery, the buttress thread form is designed to handle extremely high axial thrust in one direction.

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In this manner, the torque at which shoulder by metal-to-metal sealing contact achieved during makeup of the connection can be detected.API Specification 5CT Eighth Edition, July 1, 2005 ISO 11960:2004, Petroleum and natural gas. 8.14 Coupling make-up and thread protection.

Both specimens were made-up to the base of the API triangle stamp and tested.This combination produced zero thread interference at the pin nose when made up to the base of the API triangle stamp.

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Therefore, the thread torque values can be prescribed for specific torque operation.In practice, this has usually only affected the above discussed minimum torque values.Hi All, I would like to know how the make-up torque for a buttress connection is calculated.These box members have an interiorly-threaded female end corresponding to their respective pin members.Such pin members are threaded into couplings, collars or integral female pipe sections called box members.Other pins and couplings were specially machined to provide the worst case thread width dimensions that were possible within API tolerances, as described earlier.